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RS 125

Introducing your first sport motorbike

The bike that embodies Aprilia's sports excellence has been updated in terms of technology and appearance, but its iconic adrenaline-inducing character remains untouched. The Aprilia RS 125 is a heady mix of style and power, and while its ever-more generous engine and modern components are sure to get veteran riders' hearts racing, it's also a great bike for young beginners.

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RS 125 GP Replica Piaggio Heroimage Half 566X500

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RS 125


RS 125 GP Replica


RS 125


The pride of Noale, which has long been regarded as the benchmark in sport bikes for young riders, may have its beginnings on the track, but it brings the same tremendous rush of adrenaline and dynamic delights to the street.



The Aprilia RS 125 is a genuinely unique blend of fantastic chassis, edgy design, and strong engine that gives outstanding stability and handling both on the track and on the road.


The Aprilia RS 125 clip-ons have been raised 18 mm for more comfort without sacrificing the legendary riding pleasures that can be experienced in even the most extreme scenarios.


Euro 5

The Aprilia RS 125's performance is boosted even more thanks to a new Euro 5-compliant beating heart. We're talking about a liquid-cooled single cylinder engine with four valves that is both powerful and unmistakably modern.