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Tuono 660

As powerful as thunder, as light as a cloud

The worlds of two universes clash... The TUONO 660 is a motorcycle that combines the renowned Tuona V4 1100 with the modern technology of the RS 660 to produce a motorcycle that will change the way you see the world.

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Tuono 660

£8,950 £9,700

Tuono 660 Factory

£9,250 £10,000

Tuono 660

Technology: A record breaker!

The Aprilia Tuono 660, like the RS 660, has an amazing weight-to-power ratio. Its wet weight of only 183 kg for 95 HP is a category record, making it an accessible naked sport bike fit for any rider on the road or track.


Design: Shaped by the wind

The Tuono 660 has all the trademarks of an Aprilia sport bike when it comes to appearance, with sleek and small dimensions. It's also taken the RS 660's unique double fairing for improved aerodynamics, which was developed after extensive wind tunnel testing.

Frame: The starting point

Diecast aluminium frame and swingarm on the Tuono 660 make for a very magnificent build. If that wasn't enough, the Kayaba adjustable suspension with dedicated set up is available. Through a modified steering column shape, the chassis dimensions have also been engineered to increase responsiveness and handling.


Tuono 660 Factory: Maximum features and performance

The Tuono 660 Factory is built for riders who expect the finest, with fully adjustable suspension, a sophisticated electronics package, and a maximum power of 100 HP. Its limited dimensions, streamlined chassis, and new Aprilia Black colour show its furious uncompromising nature. This bike is for you if you want to push performance to the limit.