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Tuono V4

The incredible Tuono

There are two variations of the spectacular Tuono Hypernaked. The Tuono V4 Factory lives up to its reputation as the ultimate adrenaline machine, beating hearts and giving pure enjoyment on and off the track. The Tuono V4 is the other version, which features enhanced ergonomics and carefully developed attachments, making it the ideal touring and adventure companion without compromising speed.

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Tuono V4 1100

£14,750 £15,500

Tuono V4 1100 Factory


Tuono V4

Style: Setting the benchmark

The Aprilia Tuono V4 continues to elevate the bar in the Hypernaked category, with levels of performance and finesse never seen before, thanks to Aprilia know-how. The designers took a superbike and turned it into a vehicle that is equally at home on the road and on the track. It's little surprise that it's been dubbed "the most incredible sports bike you can purchase" with "second-to-none performance and finishing."


Engine: Absolute power, total control

The Tuono V4 is still the only naked bike with a narrow 65° V four-cylinder engine. It may be Euro-5 compatible, but that doesn't mean it's sacrificed its outstanding sound or legendary performance. This amazing 1077-cc V4 is likely to continue to dominate the entire Hypernaked category, with 175 horsepower and 121 Nm, and a dazzlingly balanced chassis and modern electronics package.

Design: A new style

With its innovative double fairing and aerodynamic appendix function, the Tuono V4's new style is inspired by the RS 660. It also features a novel triple LED light design with "bending lights" in the DRLs. With a revised fuel tank form and tail faring, the new design focuses on ergonomics, allowing users greater space and a more comfortable riding position.


The Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory and Tuono V4

Aprilia bikes that have proven their worth on the track and in comparison tests across the world are given the Factory label. The Tuono V4 Factory continues to push the envelope and stay one step ahead of its competitors, who try every year to dethrone it from the top of the Aprilia-created class. The Tuono V4 is no wimp in terms of speed, but it's the ideal touring companion thanks to enhanced ergonomics and specifically built accessories.