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Tuareg 660


Dirt, dust and water - need anything else to have fun? Yes: the new Tuareg 660.
It is finally time to see it in action outdoors. In its natural habitat, Tuareg can show you what it can do and you can finally get back to having some real fun!
Tuareg: Delivering adventure since 1985.

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Tuareg660 Range Aprilia Heroimage Half 855X640 NEW

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Tuareg 660

£9,850 £10,600

Tuareg 660 Evocative

£10,350 £11,100

Tuareg 660

Best in class technology

The Tuareg 660 sets new standards in a sector constrained by the compromises of all-terrain riding by providing genuine adventure gear and industry-leading performance in all circumstances.
That is the magic of the Aprilia 660 platform: it is incredibly powerful, intelligent, complete, and light. Redesigned with unique technical solutions that cater to your urge to explore to give you optimal control on asphalt and dirt whether you're standing or sitting.


The sensation awaits

The Tuareg 660 is technical, fundamental, dynamic, and passionately Italian. It doesn't accept the bar others have set for you; instead, it encourages you to meet new difficulties and find the ideal trajectory on which to face them, precisely where there is no grip.

From track to dirt: the 660 revolution continues

The Aprilia 660 platform has already changed the laws of the road, and it will soon alter the regulations governing off-road riding as well.
The Tuareg 660 combines all the remarkable qualities that have contributed to the success of the RS 660 and Tuono 660 and makes them accessible to every rider who aspires to a new, more thrilling, and sporty style of exploring in an innovative way.


Climb aboard and start your journey

The idea of adventure has been lost in modern society, and it is up to us to bring it back by inventing that enchanted experience.

You only need a helmet and a key to the Tuareg 660 to join the movement and begin your journey, regardless of whether your outdoor playground consists of desert dunes, mountain paths, or the dangers of urban riding.